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The person will have an attractive appearance and he will possess all the qualities of respectable personalities. The person will be constantly suspicious of people around him, afraid of being taken advantage of, swindled or stolen from. The person is charitable and praised by all, a performer of religious rites. He comes from a good family, owns several lands and has sons of respectable character.

The person will have intimate relation with a number of individuals of the opposite sex. The person is a world famous and reputed scholar, religious , with love for music and romance, very attractive and possesses bewitching eyes. The person is in the grace of the king, and is in control of a treasury.

He is strong and wealthy. The person has a pure name and reputation. In navamsa saturn is in sixth house as tenth lord which connects again his fortunes and wealth to the weaknesses of sixth house and saturn showing massage and the aspect of moon and mercury which according to Jaimini Sutra give bhisak yoga, doctor bring the medical colour to it.

Now the same Mercury in third which is giving the depression and which is related to Saturn in sixth of alcoholism by the dispositor Mars is second lord and eleventh lord from Arudha which shows it is now source of gain for the native. As tenth lord from Moon is Jupiter with that Saturn in ninth of guidance he is the therapist and counsellor from this and Navamsa tenth lord of fortune with sixth house of addiction confirms the bridging or rather transformation from the weakness to profession.

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Ramanuja calls this the Maharaja yoga which yoga is also found described in Brihat Jataka but along with the mention of Saturn's and Mars' placement. The lord of the 10th house counted from the stronger of the two, the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna , occupying a kendra or a trikona or the 2nd house vested with required strength by itself gives rise to Raja yoga Mansagari IV Raja yoga 4.

Second type of Sinhasan Yoga

If at the time of birth the Moon is in an Upachayasthana , all benefic planets occupy their own signs and navamsas and all malefic planets are weak in strength the person will rise to be a ruler equal to Indra Mansagari IV Raja yoga Venus and Mars combining in the 2nd house with Jupiter situated in Pisces, Mercury and Saturn in Libra and the Moon occupying its debilitation sign give rise to Raja yoga , in which event the person will be generous, wealthy, proud and famous ruling a vast territory Mansagari IV Raja yoga If the Moon combines with the Sun in the first half of Sagittarius sign, Saturn vested with strength is in the lagna and Mars is exalted a mighty much venerated ruler is born Mansagari IV Raja yoga 65— The conjunction of Jupiter with either Mars or the Moon giving rise to auspicious yogas also pave the ground for Raja yoga -formation, however, Ramanuja states that in these two events the person will be fortunate and prosperous in the dashas of Mars and the Moon but Jupiter's dasha will be ordinary.

Janardan Harji tells us that a famous and generous king is born if at birth Venus and Mars occupy the 2nd house, Jupiter is in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius and the Sun in Scorpio sign is joined by the Moon or if Venus is in Pisces, the Sun is in the lagna, Mercury is in the 12th house, the Moon is in the 2nd and Rahu is in the 3rd house.

Chapter XIII: The Tenth House

A person gains a kingdom or power to rule if at the time of birth Jupiter, Venus and the Moon happen to combine in Pisces sign. In most Raja yoga formations planets are seen to associate with each other i.

Parashara states that a Raja yoga is certainly caused if the lords of the lagna, the 5th and the 9th combine or associate with the lords of the 4th and the 10th house or if the Moon and Venus aspect each other, or if Jupiter situated in its own sign in the 9th is conjoins Venus and is aspected by the Sun as the lord of the 5th house which yoga is possible for an Aries-born only.

If the lord of the 4th house is in the 10th and the lord of the 10th is in the 4th house then a powerful but rare Raja yoga is caused. Thus, irrespective of the sign rising in the lagna if Saturn and Mars conjoin in the lagna , the Moon is un the 4th, Jupiter in the 7th and the Sun in the 10th a person born in a royal family will certainly ascend the throne, if not so born will be very wealthy Saravali.

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Parasara calls the kendras the Vishnusthanas and the trikonas , the Lakshmisthanas ; their lords in mutual association become yogakarakas and Rajayogakarakas as in the case of Dharma Karmadhipati yoga and Sankha yoga. These lords attaining Parijatadi awastha 'status' make one a ruler who takes care of and protects his subjects; attaining Uttamadi awastha they make one a wealthy ruler; attaining Gopuradi awastha they make one a ruler who is held in high esteem and venerated, and attaining Simhasanadi awastha they make one an all-conquering mighty ruler.

Those born under the influence such strong kendra and trikona lords and the lord of the 2nd house, have emerged as great rulers; those blessed with these lords attaining Simhasanasha and Gopuransha have emerged as rulers and Chakravarti Samrats like Raja Harishchandra and Vaivasvata Manu. Yudhishthira was blessed with similarly strong lords as also Shalivahana. Person born with all these seven lords attaining Devaloka awasthas will be the Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Bhattotpala records that Kanada , Buddha , Panchashikha , Varahamihira and Brahmagupta were blessed with this yoga. Mandavya states that if there is a Raja yoga along with this yoga , then the person will not be a king but only a scientist, if there are two Raja yogas then he will be a ruling king and also a great writer on sciences like Jina , Kasiraja, Sphujidhvaja and Janaka were.

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He states that without the knowledge of Rashmis gained correct prediction is not possible and adds that planets having gained more Rashmis and Sthanabala will also make the person an able administrator and renowned; more Rashmis and Digbala , proud and very successful; more Rashmis and Chestabala , an able politician; more Rashmis and Kalabala , very adept and enterprising; more Rashmis and Ayanabala , a family chief; more Rashmis and Uchhabala , a great ruler and earn much renown, and more Rashmis and Naisargabala will make him prosper in his traditional activities.

Raja yogas described in the various texts are numerous, but among those thousands are some that are very special and some that are very rare in occurrence, such as There are very many Raja yogas but it is essential to know as to when those Raja yogas would yield their assigned results. The benefits of Raja yoga accrue during the course of the dasha of the Raja yoga causing planets occupying the 10th house from the Lagna or the Chandra-lagna , failing which during the dasha of the strongest planet amongst the planets giving rise to the Raja yoga provided Bhagya 'good luck' also sides the native.

Varahamihira in his Brihat Jataka XI. Birth at the time of exact mid-day Local Mean Time or at the time of exact mid-night Local Mean Time by itself gives rise to Raja yoga. Mahabhagya yoga , equivalent to Raja yoga , arises if the Lagna , the Sun and the Moon are in odd signs for a male born during day-time or if these three are in even signs for a female born during night-time.

Nero born at 7. Raja yogas do confer a degree of power and influence but there are certain standard planetary situations that ensure a greater degree of success as a politician. The conjunction of Mars and the Moon or their situation in mutual kendras or trikonas but devoid of benefic influences can make one rich, immoral, untrustworthy, criminal-minded successful businessman or a politician.

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Mercury aspected by the lord of the 9th house and occupying a kendra or a trikona from the lagna makes one a highly influential politician. Mercury aspected by the lord of the lagna and the lord of the 5th house can make a person a minister. Sanketanidhi Chapter III. Sundarajan states that the astrological factors required for success in politics are the strong lagna , the 5th house, the 10th house and the 4th house and their respective lords; a combination or association or aspect between these four factors as was in the case of Jawaharlal Nehru , and failure results only when they are weak and mutually unconnected but occupy the evil trika-bhavas or associate with the trika-lords in the Rasi-chart or Navamsa-chart as was in the case of Morarji Desai.

Citing Kumarswamiam he states that the person will be a ruler if the lords of lagna and the 5th aspect the lord of the sign occupied by Mercury or if the lord of the 4th and the 10th or 4th and the 11th exchange signs and Jupiter as the lord of lagna is in the 9th house. There are certain planetary situations or yogas which can arise and cause Rajayogabhanga so as to nullify the auspicious effects of any one or all Raja yogas that may be present at the time of one's birth.

Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

Source: Uttara Kalamrita Also, if the Lagna Ascendant is neither in vargottama nor aspected by a benefic, and if Trishanku Nakshatra is rising and Saturn is in lagna then too Raja yogas will get nullified. Source: Saravali In any Raja yoga formation if the lord of the 10th house happens to occupy the 6th house counted from the 10th the impact of that yoga wiil be slight or for a short period only, there will be no permanent yoga.

If the Raja yogas are loosely knit their results collapse at the prime of life, as was in the case of Napoleon Bonaparte who born in Libra lagna had Saturn, the Raja yogakaraka , conjoining with Mercury, the lord of the 12th house, in the 10th house but ten degrees apart, which afflicted Saturn and destroyed Raja yogas. The presence of the Sakata yoga , the Kemadruma yoga , the Kalasarpa yoga , the Daridra yoga , to name a few ava-yogas , either stalls the operation of Raja yogas or completely destroys the Raja yogas.

The lord of the 10th situated in the 6th house from the 10th, or either the lord of the 8th or the lord of the 11th associating with the Raja yoga formation or the Sun in its deep debilitation or Venus occupying the 5th house, the 12th or the 2nd house and the lord of the bhava of its occupation weak and afflicted or when all papagrahas occupy the kendras in their inimical or debilitation signs and are aspected by a benefic from a trikasthana 'cadent house' , are a few of the many factors that indicate Rajayogabhanga.

According to the Jaimini system of prognostication, when Janma Lagna , Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are simultaneously aspected by a planet, the person becomes a ruler or one equal to him Sutra I. A powerful Raja yoga is caused if at the time of birth, Chandra lagna , Navamsa lagna and Drekkana lagna and the 7th house from these three are aspected by one planet Sutra I.

Jaimini states that if out of the six lagnas , viz. Suryanarain Rao in his commentary on this sutra tells us that if an exalted planet occupies the Arudha lagna or the Moon, Jupiter and Venus occupy the Arudha lagna and there are no obstructive argalas but only beneficial ones, the person will attain to royal position. If the 2nd, 4th and 5th become equal in strength etc. If to the lord of the lagna or to the lord of 7th, the 5th house is occupied by Jupiter, Venus or the Moon, the person becomes a high Government official and wields political power.

If the lord of the lagna aspects the lagna and if the lord of the Karaka lagna aspects that lagna , the person will have very good Raja yogas.