Horoscope for capricorn february 6 2020

2020 Reports

Your Free Tarot Card of the Day. In the middle of the month, and it will take place on February 16, you will be intrigued by a person who has extensive power.

Capricorn February 2020

In the affective sphere, a person of the sign Capricorn or Gemini will be most close to your heart. It may turn out to be a relationship for a long time, which recently took on a completely different meaning or a new acquaintance with the person you fell in love with at first sight.

Show readiness to take more responsibilities or responsibilities on your head, especially around the end of the month. A solar eclipse is basically a mega new moon.

A Note from Susan Miller

This eclipse—in cool, logical Air sign Aquarius—will activate the financial sector of your chart. Practically speaking, this is a crucial time to get clear on your relationship with money.

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Emotionally, this is a powerful time for realizing issues around self-worth. Information about these themes may suddenly come to light, and unexpected shifts are likely to take place. Always-unique Aquarius is ruled by not one, but two planets: Saturn, which is also your planetary ruler, and Uranus. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, structure, and responsibility, and Uranus is all about freedom and innovation. These two planets certainly have conflicting vibes; however, inventive Aquarius is very good at making seemingly very different pieces fit together. Both of these planets will be very active on the day of this eclipse, with communication planet Mercury connecting with Uranus and Venus with Saturn.

As dramatic as this eclipse might be, everyone's going to be in a problem-solving mood—minds will be sharp, and calculated risks will be taken. People will be whatever it takes to get along, and commitments will be thoughtfully considered. Strong attraction and potent feelings could ignite out of the blue. Have you been holding back from expressing how you feel? The Jupiter-Uranus trine brings those raw desires to the surface, and it will be impossible to hold back.

This is the kind of day when you spontaneously sign up for a striking makeover—the kind where you chop seven inches off your hair or dye it turquoise.

Key Dates:

And you know what? It might just work. On December 21, the Sun blazes into your sign for a month, kicking the bountiful Jupiter vibes into high gear. In fact, the Sun and Jupiter will make their once-a-year meetup on December 27, considered by some astrologers to be one of the luckiest and most confident days of the year.

But right before that, something even bigger happens!

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

On December 26, your dreams are catapulted by a Capricorn solar new moon eclipse. And the world will see YOUR halo under these otherworldly beams as one of your projects or ideas springs into the spotlight.