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Artwork of the pig, the twelfth in the year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign, is displayed during Han Meilin's Chinese Zodiac Art Exhibition in Beijing, January 5, World Europe. Arts , Jan A Chinese zodiac art exhibition opened in the Palace Museum in Beijing this weekend, featuring the works by traditional art master Han Meilin on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar. On display are paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, wood-carving, furniture and folk handicrafts.

The exhibition will last until Feb. These two love eating out and shopping for clothes. Fortunately, these two are able to humor each other for the sake of maintaining their easy rapport. Trouble could set in when the possessive Snake starts making unrealistic demands of the Goat. Hopefully the sensitive Goat will understand that the Snake is really expressing self-doubt, and will move to reassure their insecure lover. The Goat and Horse are surprisingly well suited in the romantic arena. Neither sign is predictable, which adds a welcome dash of spice to the relationship.

As friends, the Goat and Horse balance each other nicely. The sensitive Goat helps the Horse to express their feelings, while the Horse provides the Goat with practical advice. Of course, there are pitfalls to this friendship. Happily, the Goat and Horse are forgiving enough to overlook the flaws in this bond.

New artistic commission sees Chinese zodiac animals appear around the city centre

Sexually, this relationship faces some challenges. If infidelity rears its ugly head in this relationship, it will be up to the Goat to forgive and forget. This is possible, given the many positives the Horse brings to this union, including a very passionate lovemaking style. When two Goats get together, the chemistry is palatable. This sign is famous for its good looks, so it is no wonder that Goats feel an instant attraction to each other.

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Normally, a Goat has trouble in romance because of their trusting nature. Since Goats are extremely artistic, these two could form a creative partnership. If this duo decides to sell their work, they could live together in luxury, as their talents may be in great demand. Goats are highly suited as friends, too. When times get tough, these pals are right there for each other. One of the few problems two Goats face is their inability to deliver harsh news.

If one is doing something stupid, the other will be reluctant to speak up. Great care should be taken to avoid this trap. If one Goat must hear the truth, it should be from another compassionate member of their own sign. In this relationship, foreplay is more important than the act itself. Trouble can set in if infidelity occurs. Fortunately, this sign is fairly forgiving, and can manage to overlook past transgressions. The Goat and Monkey can succeed in love, provided they avoid a few pitfalls.

The anxious Goat can put a damper on the freewheeling Monkey. Still, these two can become romantically linked if they work to support each other. The Goat can benefit from learning to laugh at their fears, while the Monkey can stand to get in touch with their feelings. Happily, these two are extremely sociable, and will have fun making the rounds of various parties together.

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Platonically, the Goat and Monkey can find happiness, but it will take work. For the most part, though, these buddies are able to laugh off their differences. The soulful Goat wants to be kissed, cuddled, and caressed, while the mental Monkey desires complicated positions. If the artist can meet the acrobat halfway, they have a chance of enjoying themselves in the bedroom.

Ai Weiwei: Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads | Cleveland Museum of Art

Fortunately, both possess vivid imaginations, and can spice up their lovemaking if they are determined to make this bond work. For more love insight, toss the coins with a Love I Ching Reading , and start improving your love life now. Once the Goat and Rooster work out which one will take the lead in their relationship, they can enjoy a fulfilling romance.

The Chinese Zodiac For Beginners

The truth is, these two had better take turns. The Goat is better suited to preside over domestic matters, while the Rooster focuses on public affairs. The creative Goat is a master at creating a beautiful, comfortable home, while the hard-working Rooster is gifted at earning the money for their daily bread.

As friends, the Goat and Rooster also balance each other nicely. Roosters, on the other hand, can help the Goat get their financial affairs in order. The Goat has a wandering eye, but the Rooster is as true as steel. Infidelity can be avoided if the Goat remembers to praise the Rooster at every opportunity.

Lavishing the Goat with warmth and affection may be all the Rooster needs to keep this relationship on the straight and narrow. Goats know a good thing when they see it. Actually, both signs are sensitive enough to make accommodations for the other. Platonically, the Goat and Dog can fall into a fairly relaxed friendship. The Goat will cook as a way of comforting the anxious Dog. Granted, the Goat hates it when the Dog gets on a moral superiority kick. For the most part, however, these pals just grin and bear their idiosyncrasies. With regard to sex, the Goat and Dog need to be careful.

Day 1-2: Ox and Rat

If the Goat manages to stay faithful, this couple will lead an enjoyable but predictable sex life. That is, unless, the Dog decides to develop more creative lovemaking techniques as a means to captivate the Goat. Goat and Pig One of the happiest couples in the world is comprised of the Goat and the Pig. Meanwhile, the luxury-loving Pig adores the tasteful home that the Goat creates for them both. This couple treats their bedroom as a sanctuary from the outside world, and enjoys spending hours together in their safe haven.

The Goat and Pig make great friends, too. The insecure Goat treats the Pig like an emotional anchor. In exchange, the Pig goes to the Goat for advice on everything from fashion to landscaping to interior design.